THE CELTIC WIKI is a fantastic source for all things Celtic. From ex-players histories to match reports and stats. It’s a one stop shop for all things Celtic!

Little did we know that the Celtic Wiki had its own ‘Celtic Slang’ page where it helps anyone understand the words Celtic fans use on a daily basis.

Terms like ‘Celtic Da’, ‘Scotland’s Shame’ and ‘The Fenian Lampost’ are just a few examples that it tries to clarify for people who are maybe not so clued up in all the lingo.

Henrik’s law is another favourite.

‘You got to hand it to Henrik, his influence has been so great that even though he has long left us, the fans seem to be unable to escape his aura.

‘The only negative has been that it has been common for long winded arguments to end with a comparison to Larsson.

‘It’s a humorous liberty taken on the itself humorous internet “Godwin’s Law” which states that every debate always seems to end up with a reference to Nazi Germany as some sort of last resort for a debater who is losing the argument.

With the case of ‘Henrik’s Law’ it’s little different, but all tongue in cheek, and an indication of the obsession that Celtic fans have with him’

If you want to check out the full list of terms then head over to The Celtic Wiki and brush up on your Celtic slang!


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