The rumour mill is in full swing and every football website is trying to guess who the next Celtic manager will be.

One name has popped up this afternoon that even took us by surprise and going by the comments below, has also taken many supporters aback.

Football Insider report Mick McCarthy is on Celtic’s shortlist.

To be honest, we can’t see where they’re getting this from. Right now, the man in charge of picking Celtic’s next manager is completely silent. Dermot Desmond is the only person right now who has an idea of who might become the next Celtic manager and if he wants people to know, you’ll likely read it in The Sun who seem to be getting scoops from the majority shareholder.

Football Insider’s track record on Celtic rumours is on a par with Ryan Chrisite’s shooting abilities this season.

It’s little wonder Celtic fans are treating this rumour with derision.

It’s fun to speculate and try and make sense of what Celtic are thinking. However, claiming to be in the know about certain things from a ‘source’ can make you look silly.


  1. If Celtics board and directums refuse to invest. The locked out support will see more than one munkey tea party at the death star. The shoe will change feet. And not for the better


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