We are through the looking glass people.

Today we have former Ibrox Chairman and SFA Chief Executive tell everybody that Steven Gerrard is a bigger name than Brendan Rodgers and cited it as a reason why he’d be a success at Ibrox.

Gordon Smith believes the sheer name of Steven Gerrard will get eyes on The Rangers but he doesn’t tell us how a novice manager is in any way better than bringing in Brendan Rodgers – an ACTUAL manager into the fold.

“Steven Gerrard is a bigger name in English football than even Brendan Rodgers. Steven is an English legend.

“Brendan has more managerial experience. But Steven is a big, big name in the game, without doubt. That will bring a lot of publicity to the Scottish game.

“It’s going to bring a lot of attention to Rangers in that respect.

“He’ll be very ambitious and he will want to have a successful time there.

This basically just means, should the lad take the job, there are more eyes on the Scottish game when Rodgers does what he does best next term.


  1. Is Gordan (the cheat) Smith, going to help out at ibrokes, and put the money he stole from ebt’s into sevco? Why are these guys ever given a platform, after stealing money from every club in Scotland ,and still put them on a pedestal? Unbelievable. You have got them every where, and none of them willing to come forward and help out at ibrokes!. Wee sneaky Barry, signed everything over to his wife ,claiming bankruptcy! M.F.A and still looks are willing to employ these mingers! Scotland at its best. Be a scum bag and a cheat ,and they will be adored ! Sick people!

  2. Comparing Gerrard to Brendan,Aye Ok Whatever.Stevie made his name on the pitch.Not on the sidelines.FFS 10 In A Row is more than a Certainty.We are well on course to a Double Treble.That Rancid Club are clutching at straws if there Delusions think They Are GoinFor55.Only Club in footballing history to Die and just carry on like nothing happened……HfH

  3. How come these ex-football men, Smith, Lawrenson, Ian wright and a few others seem completely clueless about how football works. Gerrard as a player is a huge name but he is no longer a player, he is a youth coach. Ewan Murray, a guy who is usually scathing about Celtic and has been relatively easy on new rangers from what I have read, was bang on yesterday. He said in the Guardian the notion that Steven Gerrard will attract top players to Ibrox is fanciful nonsense. Players are attracted for the money primarily. Second is winning things, third is getting to play in Europe. Not because some bloke used to be a big name player. How are big name ‘s going to be coming to Ibrox when none of these are likely. He won’t get access to all of Liverpool’s youth players as they will not send boys to Scotland to get battered by our more industrial defenders. He may take one or two, maybe more, but will they cut it in Scotland. Another complete clown on a Rangers website suggested that Fenway Sports Group may be willing to invest in Steven Gerrard at Ibrox to train him to take over at Liverpool. Aye, because that is how businesses are successful, giving free money to ex-employees. The delusion over there is frightening.

  4. FFS what is wrong with the Zombies.They constantly make an utter arse of Themselves.But then that is Normal for Them.Brendan is An Absolute Gem of a Manager.What has SG done in his managerial tenure.Sevco are lucky to be in Existance.There obsssion over anything and Everything Celtic murdered there Other Club.Now there Sickly Obsssion over Celtic is going to kill this New Club.Celtic F.C Unbroken History Since 1888.Mon The HooPs tear them a New One,Again.HfH

  5. My grandad is bigger than your grandad ! So fuck !! Let’s just keep doing our talking on the park and let those wallopers keep digging a hole for themselves 😂

  6. Sevco, like there more illustious predisators, like to play on the minds of their dumb fanbase. Gerrard on the playing side brings European memories, and the will to win, although untested in any management capacity.. Sevco will be his first attempt at any success. So if Steven hits the ground running and attempts to get anything from Brendans charges next season. I’m sure the Celtic team, manager, board and Scottish Football will enjoy the fight. As they all believe there’s none now. Well not over a complete season.

  7. Steven Gerrard has 13 letters in the name.
    Brendan Rodgers has 14 letters in the name.
    Methinks Smith is an idiot and cannot count.

    With apologies from me as I think an utterly stupid statement by an utterly stupid person deserves such a comment in return. Smith’s mediocrity is not in question, however.

  8. NEWCO showed there true potential when they shut the door after we Hammered them FIVE NIL Talk about bad losers lmffao Very Very Childish. Gerrard is a Hero at Liverpool but will be a Flop If He Goes To Newco!! NEWCO have no money and if they do!! Does This Mean they will clear all their Debts


    💚 C O Y B I G 💚


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