SUNDERLAND manager Jack Ross has made it clear he believes Lewis Morgan is good enough to break into the Celtic team given the chance.

Speaking after the Celtic loanee fires his side to a cup final at Wembley, Ross was full of praise for the midfielder who he helped bring on at St Mirren.

Ross was quoted last summer as saying the player was undoubtedly up to the challenge of breaking into the Celtic side and although he finds himself out on loan to Sunderland at the minute, the manager thinks he’s proving just how good a player he can be.

“I think everyone knows what I think about Lewis. When he left St Mirren for Celtic, I said at the time he was good enough to play there and I stand by that.” Ross told the Herald

“I still believe Lewis is good enough to be a Celtic player. He has the ability. Okay, it’s not easy to make a 100 per cent judgment because you don’t know what another manager is looking for in terms, for example, of how someone fits into the way a team plays.

“However, I have not seen anything to suggest his confident and belief in himself has diminished. Lewis has always had that. Look, he is a good footballer and he’s still young.

“Lewis looks in a good place, mentally. I also think he’s relishing playing for a big club, which Sunderland definitely is.”

Lewis made a few cameo appearances for the club between August and December before being loaned out. The competition in wide positions for Celtic is phenomenal, but the player does have the attributes to be a success if given a chance.

Some Sunderland fans are hoping whoever takes over at Celtic has no use for Lewis in the hope they can get him in on a permanent deal. This would seem unlikely at this point but if he’s not in the reckoning come nearer the end of the summer window a decision might need to be made.


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