EVERTON have been linked with a move for Kieran Tierney today, becoming the 376th club this year to be linked with the Celtic star.

Celtic’s homegrown talent has been the source of much speculation for the better part of two years with no signs of any of this stopping – no matter how many times Kieran tells them to bolt!

So Everton think they can unlock the key and give Kieran the sort of job satisfaction he’s been craving?


Would Everton be willing to shell out the MASSIVE transfer fee to even get to the point of being able to talk to the lad?


The Goodison Park club might have a scintilla of a chance if they sign Patrick Roberts first I suppose, but even then it’s sketchy.

English clubs fail to realise at the moment – Celtic are on a mission, a relentless mission to get to ten in a row.

If there’s one bhoy leading the charge more than most then it’s Celtic fan, Celtic fanatic, Celtic daft, call him whatever you like Kieran Tierney.

The passion he has for the club is immense and it’s a special time to be a Celtic fan never mind a Celtic fan who is a Celtic player.

He will continue with Celtic on their quest for ten in a row and no doubt take the captains armband from Scott Brown one day.

There could be a time when the parameters are right for the left back to leave the club but it’s not this summer and it’s not for Everton.


  1. Haha!! Yes, because players have the same feelings as fans towards the clubs/businesses they are employed by don’t they?! 😉

  2. When have Celtic held onto a player when a prem team has come-a-knocking? Even a club like Southampton cherry picks your best players.

  3. To be fair we once had a lad who was blue through and through, supported us growing up got in the first at 16 years old, had a vest on with “once a blue always a blue” and he stayed his full caree……… shit no, he signed for United and the extra wonga

  4. Yeah he wouldn’t to leave for a huge, historic Premier League club that can pay him more money to pay in a competitive league at Goodison, Old Trafford, Anfield, Etihad etc. Not when he can stay in Sweatyland and play against giants like St Mirren, Hamilton and St Johnstone. SPL = joke and Celtic winning 10 totally meaningless apart from winding up Rangers fans. Juts proves how poor the league is. Also – not sure he’s actually good enough for Everton and PL 🙂

  5. Not good enough for Everton yeah right ,the Bhoys a star and let’s be brutal here, too good for underachievers like Everton

  6. Lisa you clown your club are a “Diddy tram CELTIC are one of the most iconic best supported clubs on the Planet in spite of playing in “brigadoon”!I lived in Sydney for years in we fill Cheers bar in George Street on you littlever Diddy clubs couldn’t come close even the Real big club in your city we out numbered the lot of you combined man und city the lot!!so educate yourself you fool and the other halfwit on here we play big games Every week because we are a massive club! !with Real fans Everywhere oh in what good idea playing on that over inflated pr bs league doing your Diddy team?I tell you None!!You ain’t got a clyear and CELTIC PARK ON A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE NIGHT!WOW YOU THINK GUYS LIKE MESSI KNOW YOU DIDDY TEAM HA HA Enjoy your relegation battle you fool HAIL HAIL KT GOING NOWHERE!!AS CELTIC ARE A CLUB LIKE NO OTHER AS THE WEE MAN KNOW ALL TO WELL I KNOW HIS FAMILY BELIEVENTERTAINMENT ME HE WILL NEVER PLAY FOR YOUR little club

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