It’s a debate that Celtic fans will tell you is not a debate and where Celtic’s rivals will try and bring up as a point of contention.

Who is the better left back? Kieran Tierney or Andy Robertson.

Obviously, we are biased but Kieran makes it really easy for us to lean towards him with his displays week in and week out.

There’s no doubt Kieran could slot into the Liverpool team and excel in the role which Andy is currently doing.

Robertson, a Celtic fan, is also a tremendous talent which makes it difficult for Scotland on who to play in their correct position but if you ask Jonny Hayes – who has played against both of them in his career, he believes Kieran has the edge!

“Kieran Tierney is the standout player I have faced in my career.” Hayes told the Celtic View.

“I played against both Kieran Tierney and Andy Robertson at a young age, and while Andy has gone on to have a great career I’ve always found Kieran that bit tougher to play against.

“I remember bumping into Kieran at a dinner event in Glasgow and he was really lovely, chatting away, but the game before he had been kicking me up and down the pitch!”

That sounds about right!



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