BRENDAN RODGERS has played down the notion he’s going to take Lee Congerton away from Celtic after reports this week emerged the head of recruitment was ‘weighing up his options’.

The former Celtic manager took his coaching staff and a couple of Celtic’s long term staff with him to Leicester but funnily enough left this man behind when he jumped ship.

Celtic fans have bemoaned the recruitment under Congerton and believe they have been sold on a dud by the former Celtic manager.

With the season up in three months, it’s expected Lee will move on from the club but it might not be to Leicester.

Rodgers poured cold water of any suggestion he was going to do Celtic a favour and take him back to England.

He’s very good at what he does, Brendan? What exactly does he do?

Celtic are looking at hiring a Director of Football along with a full time manager in the summer but plans will have to be made before then so the club can hit the ground running with early qualifiers.


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