The 5pm deadline is fast approaching for clubs yet to show their hand on how they’ll vote on the SPFL proposal.

The SPFL propose all lower leagues stop now with winners and losers being named. The second part of the proposal centres around the Premiership being allowed more time to try and conclude their league but if it can’t be done the league would finish as it stands.

Celtic being crowned champions and Hearts being relegated.

There has to be at least 75% of the SPFL clubs on board for this to be a possibility.

Yesterday, it appeared the league had their nine. The only ones not voting for were apparently The Rangers, Hearts and Hibernian [Read Here]

Keith Jackson reported earlier today, Aberdeen had thrown a spanner in the works and became a no. This would end the proposal.

However, Edinburgh news are reporting Hibernian are now FOR the proposal and will vote with the majority.

This would be enough to get it over the line.

The Rangers have been frantically trying to put forward flimsy resolutions which cents around money being given out but no winners and losers. Read into that what you will.


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