Celtic fans have been wondering why their club was forced to play on back in January during major covid call offs but Hibernian have been allowed to have their match postponed.

Journalist Jamie Borthwick has tried to explain the reasoning behind why Hibs have had their games postponed but I don’t think this will sit well with Celtic fans.

Hibs can’t meet the criteria below to field an eligible side and thus have been granted the postponements.

Celtic had to scrape a side together back in January. Their ill-fated trip to Dubai caused 13 players and 3 staff members into isolation.

The Hoops done everything by the book but we’re still punished. It was the final nail in the coffin of their season in the end.

The rules surrounding call offs and what happens to clubs should certainly be looked at and where we can go from here. It could have a detrimental effect on clubs who end up playing to many fixtures close together as a result of other teams call offs.



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