NEIL LENNON will try to convince Celtic to sell Scott Allan to the Easter Road club after their tumultuous recent history with the John McGinn saga.

Allan spent the second half of last season at loan in Edinburgh and was one of their best players.

Now McGinn has gone to Villa – Lennon is eyeing midfield reinforcements and will look to bring Allan to help beef up his squad.

Scott has one year left on his current Celtic deal and is nowhere near the first team.

However, there could be a reluctance to sell to Hibs while the McGinn stuff is so fresh.

The player is desperate for first team football and trains regularly with the Celtic first team in the hope of getting a move in the near future.

With the English transfer window closes – it would appear the best chance the midfielder has of a move would be in Scotland.


  1. Either use him or sell him but imo,we should use him 5 games at least see what he provides ,also use Ryan Christie,,but hibs no friendly deals payment immediately no Staggard payments the friendship is Over and if we dont sell blame Petrie,and oppose anymore raising of his Sfa profile,block him at every turn.HH

  2. Lenny, feck aff
    Who the feck do you think you are
    Last week he was the font of all knowledge and now he’s on his knees with his begging bowl out,

  3. Sell Scott Allen for 4 million to hibs not one penny less and no more loans. Lenny will leave soon and hibs will slide 😂😂😂

  4. Hibs and Petrie can f**k right off after McGinn. If he wants to go punt him and Christie to Aberdeen and bring in McKenna.

  5. Awkward position for Celtic and Scott. Im sure Celtic would not want to destroy Scotts [or any players] career chances of first team football, but Hibs deserve nothing from Celtic. As i said awkward position.

    • Spot on yerman,it’s nothing to do with Allan,Celtic need to show a bit of class,if the player fancies the move,then we can’t stand in his way,unless Brendan has first team plans for him?

  6. Time we stopped all of this slagging nonsense, the McGinn saga was totally in Petrie’s hands. If McGinn had to move, in Lennon’s heart it would have been Celtic, but managing Hibs that is something that he could not say. If Scott Allen needs to go, sell him to whoever pays the asking price and it does not matter if it is Hibs, cash is cash.

  7. Not a chance both petrie and lennon were culpable in the McGinn saga. At the end of the day we matched villa for McGinns transfer fee. So called celtic man didn’t arrive, there was a lot of shenanigans going on here. Hibs will have to look elsewhere for loanees or players for quite a few years.

  8. Do to Hibs what Hibs done to Us.If Lenny wants Scott Allan he will have to payadecent wedge for him….Ye never know some other Club could come in for him,Just like McGinn.That would be Karma

  9. I don’t know why people are angry at Hibs. All Lawwell had to do was offer 3m quid and McGinn would have been smashing Naismith yesterday. Naismith again kicks our player while he’s on the deck as he did with Brown last season. Are they scared of him ? Lawwell, as he did with James McCarthy, thought being a Celtic fan would be enough to get McGinn. Not learning from past mistakes.
    Does Brendan really think Boyata is our best defender? Don’t even start me on Compper hahaha
    I’ll be happy when we have a fit Moussa and Eddy with Arzani and Jamesy on the wings.
    Who needs defenders !!

  10. Quite happy to sell any player to Hibs for any players value. However they are not getting any loanees from now on. They either pay or go elsewhere.

  11. RGT Petrie said 2 month ago that he would not except any vids from Celtic, that is why we should not entertain any offer from them! Nothing to do with Kenny, I’m looking forward to taking the best manager they have ever had from them!

    • Surely if Celtic matched the bid from Villa Hibs would have to accept though ?

      Anyway…..if McGinn was that desperate to join Celtic he would have waited a few months and signed a PC.

      Good player but not an automatic pick worth 20 odd grand P/W

  12. I don’t think we can hold grudges (or we’d end up not trading with anyone) if Hibs got the same or higher offer for their best player (from a team outside of their league and therefore he wasn’t playing against them week in week out in the future) that’s surely our fault for not offering more. Rather than theirs.
    Just my view, shame we didn’t get him, because now I don’t think we’ll ever be able to afford him, once he makes a name for himself down south, until he’s in the twilight of his career and wants to play for his boyhood heroes before he hangs up his boots…
    But we move on.
    Hail Hail

  13. tell them 8n not such a polite way to get tae fuck unless offer is near 3 mill like theyvdidvwat mcginn…gee them that boyata cunt for nfn coz a am fed up hearing abt him..he disnae want tae b a hoop so get em tae FUCK


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