American Soccer Guy social media account nailed this week’s Celtic match report on their facebook page after Sundays 2-1 win against ‘Hamilton Alkies’.

The feed, which is a parody of a ‘stereotypical’ American soccer fan makes a habit of catching people out who think they’re for real when they talk about European football.

Goals from fictional character Peter Griffin and UFC Star Conor McGregor ensured Celtic got closer to signing Terry Munro!


  1. Parodies like this are pretty common in the US when it comes to soccer (football — I know, I know, but as a former collegiate hand egg player, that is my “football”) and always particularly funny. That being said, Celtic enjoys a pretty stout following in the Northeast and Rust Belt regions of the country. Only really rivaled by the Italian national team and someone’s-favorite-team-on-FIFA-whoever-that-may-be. Interestingly, for different reasons, mostly because of being fellow Irish immigrants, or in cases like mine, being both Irish- and Polish-American, how could I not love a team that wears green-and-white and runs out guys named Boruc, Zaluska, and Zurawski. Same reason Notre Dame hand egg is so popular in the North. Celtic is loved here in the States. Hail Hail.


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