It seems it’s Christmas for impressionist Darren Farley who is known for both his Brendan Rodgers and Steven Gerrard impressions.

With both now up against each other in Glasgow, the comedian has filmed a conversation with himself as each person and posted it online.

Great character.


  1. If you shut your eyes you could be back in Secondary listen to your best mate impersonate the skint liver burds bus driving da and his Irish clips. Badly.

  2. I think you need to look up comedian in the dictionary. This guy is as funny as cancer.
    He looks and sounds nothing like Rodgers or slippery Steve.

  3. This Engerleish Clown isnae even funny.There humour is as dry as a ducks arse.the Only Thing i find Hilariously Funny out of All of this,Is “Sevco”are Really Liquidated RainJurZz…..Anything to somehow make Sevco seem relevant,Mentioning The most Corrupt Club in World Football in the same sentence as Celtic.Doesnt mean SFA…..Rancid Shower of Lowlifes.They use child abuse to point score


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