Ryan Christie has just about recovered from the horrible facial injury he suffered against Aberdeen in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup. The player needed surgery to fix two fractures in his face.

As he looks to put the injury behind him, he may be reminded of it for some time yet with Google putting a hospital picture of him hours after the injury as his profile pic on their search engine.

If you type in Celtic squad into the google search engine you will get a list of Celtic players, all with their images attached – usually of them on the field. It appears to prioritise the most viewed images.

When we scrolled along to Ryan Christie we got a surprise when it was the gruesome thumbs up picture he had posted to let everyone know he was doing ok after the collision.

I’m sure he won’t mind but maybe someone should ask for a more up to dat picture. He looks like he’s done 12 rounds with Tyson!


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