We have seen it from the TV cameras perspective but this footage of Lustig snatching the police officers hat and wearing it for his goal celebration is outstanding.

The quirky Swede does like to put something on his head when he celebrates goals, especially against the Ibrox side.

In one smooth motion, the World cup star grabbed the hat and ran off to celebrate while the police officer looked a bit rattled by the whole experience.

He did get his hat back in the end but not before Lustig went viral!



  1. The media will make out this was why we destroyed them today! They need to blame someone! The fun has gone out of the game if this is ever mentioned again. A hun cop maybe?

  2. Well Done,Lustig.Police Scotland are dissapointed eeooohhhhhh.No doubt a Mason or a Lodge Dweller.Old Firm???Didnt that Mantra Die Along with Oldco when they kicked the Bucket…Clinging onto our shirt tails since 2012.To somehow make them seem relevant.HfH Bhoys n Ghirls


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