I may be a little bit biased, but when it comes to social media, I believe Celtic fans are one of the most engaged, funny and passionate support (Warning* – Passionate can mean moaning faced gits sometimes) on the web when it comes to supporting their club.

We have a plethora of fan-run sites like this one where we give an opinion, news, views and all the tawdry and useless snippets of the day that people claim they don’t want to read about but secretly do – aye, we’re talking to you!

So this article is about celebrating Celtic fans online. To show how daft, intelligent, witty and generally hilarious we can be when we put our minds to it.

So here are five times Celtic won the internet.


The end was nigh, the shovels were out, and we were waiting on news that would mark the end for our neighbours across the city. They didn’t pay their tax, they cheated, and karma had caught up with Rangers. With the whole of Scottish football looking around at one another not knowing what to do it was up to the Celtic fans to show leadership and they knew exactly what to do – the conga! The clip below went viral on social media.



So this is the first of two on the list that involves a Celtic fan, a mic and the world wide web. As we said at the top, we have a creative bunch of fans who in the early days of social media-ing took it upon themselves to give their commentary on big games to give some a break from the usual tedious voice of Rob McLean or Andy Walker.

This commentary encapsulates how every Celtic fan was feeling on the night Celtic beat Barcelona – the Victor Wanyama goal commentary is pretty professionally done. However, when it was Tony Watt’s turn to put the ball in the back of the net – like the rest of us the man behind the mic lost it. I almost always pull this clip out when I’ve had three too many, so much so we have a saying in my household ‘He’s Tony Watt drunk’.


If you frequent social media enough you will know that it’s a lovely place where everyone is on their best behaviour – aye right. It’s the birthplace for everyone’s inner rage! A place where we go to vent in the hope of finding one person out there to agree with you while the vast majority call you a p****. We wouldn’t have it any other way, however, show some decorum when you’re tweeting Official Celtic, please.

When the team lineup comes out and that guy that’s been ruining your happiness every weekend is starting the game again, try and keep it PG eh. Pat Farrell found this out when he had a go at the Celtic account for posting Stuart Armstrong was playing. The result? Pat getting a talking to by Celtic and a subsequent hilarious apology! Sorry Celtic.


This Twitter trend went viral, so much so American sites were posting about what Celtic fans were doing in the face of adversity. After drawing Fenerbahçe in the Europa League, some of the Turkish club’s fans decided to try and intimidate the bhoys buy posing with knives.

Thus the greatest hashtag to date was born #ThatsNotaKnife.

Instead of Celtic fans taking any of these online threats seriously, they proceeded to post pictures of themselves with their faces covered, holding a vast array of objects that weren’t threatening in the slightest. A hoover, a dog and a wooden donkey just some of the objects Celtic fans used to diffuse the situation. Absolutely brilliant.


This one is a personal favourite of mine. Remember when we said there were TWO instances where Celtic fans and mics would come into play on this list?

It was a dark night in April when Celtic took on Old Rangers in a game which would see Celtic lose the title to Rangers if they lost. That night Rangers tried every trick in the book to stop Celtic winning. After a thunderous strike from Nakamura and a Rangers equaliser, the man from Japan sent another looping shot goalwards and it had beaten the goalkeeper, BUT it hadn’t beaten centre back Carlos Cuellar who forgot what position he was playing.

The Celtic fan commentating on this particular game spotted it straight away, and the resulting commentary has gone down in Celtic fan folklore.

Carlos Cuellar was once player of the year; now he’s a male appendage.

I’m paraphrasing slightly but give this a listen.



  1. Jesus wept that was the best commentary of a match beetween the Celtic and the animals.
    That man should be hired Sky or some other Sports network. You definatly would be board by having to listen to the shi#te we have to endure. He would liven up the process. PricelessHH


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