FORMER Celtic youth star and current Livingston player Declan Gallagher helped his side to an impressive 1-0 victory over an overhyped Ibrox side and well, it’s safe to say Declan enjoyed it.

Livingston have had an incredible start to the season but many believed the game against Steven Gerrard’s men would be their undoing.

As we know, the newly promoted side outplayed their opponents and came away with the victory.

After the game, the former Celtic hopeful was caught lording it over some irate Gers players as the teams walked off the field.

Declan seemed to take particular professional joy in the pain and petulance of the Ibrox players as they tried to come to terms with the defeat.

It might be just that little bit of Celtic still in him that helped him crack just that bit bigger of a smile.

Livingston are currently above Celtic in the league with their impressive form placing them third after seven games.

Declan was given a second chance at a football career by Livingston after serving time in prison for assault.


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