JAMES FORREST has kicked it into another gear in the past couple of games.

The midfielder has struck up a great partnership with Tom Rogic and have become a formidable duo.

The Celtic manager commented on both players being very close off the field as well as on it.

So this might give some explanation as to why James Forrest chose to do a little dance to himself when his pal Tom scored.

James running at full flight is already a bit unorthodox but if he starts doing this during games he certainly could psyche out opponents.

Moves you might see on the dance floor from your Da’ at your cousin’s wedding.

Celtic will be without James Forrest for their trip to Germany with the player suspended for his red card in Salzburg three weeks ago.

It will be up to others to be a creative force in the side with the little winger being out.


  1. James always has been a star on the field of play, although he does have his critics. He has beefed up a bit and matured into the player of todays side, and is a welcome addition. So we all can forgive him for his antics, when his pass is coverted by his antipodean mate Tommy.


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