KIERAN TIERNEY has always been a good sport when it comes to the Celtic fans – probably because he is one himself.

If you see him around Celtic Park, he’s never too busy to get a photo, sign an autograph or even record a message for your pals wedding.

The Bhoy tries his best to make fans happy.

So, when an inebriated Celtic fan direct messaged the defender to ask permission to use his picture there was only one Answer Kieran Tierney was going to give!

My Celtic claim to fame – I once drunk messaged KT asking for permission to put him on my bank card. Had to show the written permission 3 separate times while switching bank… HH from CelticFC

Outstanding! The lad now has a one of a kind bank card, safe in the knowledge that if Kieran Tierney happened upon him on a night out using contactless, no lawyers will be getting called.



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