KILMARNOCK dealt the Ibrox squad a clubbing blow with regards to their title aspirations when they turned a 1-0 defeat into a 2-1 victory late on at Rugby Park.

The players were obviously delighted they had managed to get the victory as they headed off the park.

When they went back to the dressing room, someone has stuck on the highlights very quickly because as Steven Gerrard is doing his interview, the players can be heard very audibly in the background screaming and cheering as the Ibrox gaffer picks over the bones of his sides title aspirations.

Start watching at 2:37 and enjoy the pain!


  1. ‘We were defeated by a long ball’ Who has the unfeasible.long ball slippy? Makes a change as sevco and the old Co used to win games by long ball tactics. Ohh the times they are a changing.


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