PADDY POWERS bookmakers are famous for their fan denial videos and they have made a belter after Sunday’s Glasgow derby.

With the Ibrox club comprehensively outplayed and beaten by the Scottish Champions it was time to delve into the weird and wonderful world of an Ibrox led meltdown on social media – and they didn’t disappoint.

‘They’ve turned the refs against us!’ Was the overall theme of the fan denial with Steven Gerrard in his own denial about why his team lost yesterday.

Bogey eaters, Michael Jackson’s thriller and the weird and wonderful world of Gers social media.


Celtic were warned and even taunted about Sunday being their day of reckoning, where a brand new Gers side would turn up to Celtic Park ready to knock the bhoys off their perch.

Of course, it all turned out to be bluster and hype from the usual suspects which set them up for a bigger fall.

Celtic controlled the game and their goal was a fantastic counter attack and great remedy to the anti-football their opponents were trying to put on.



  1. “Thuv turrned ‘eh refs against iss!”

    “Turned ‘eh refs against ye mate?”

    “Thuv turned the refs against iss…”

    Classic. Shame Limmy’s brother is a bigoted bas.

  2. FUQN majik PP.
    A bookie giving something,anything,away is very surprising but this was a wee bit a Heaven.🍀✅🇮🇪

    Cheers All @PP.

    But yid better no dae wan aboot CFC🍀 or we will set the zombies oan ye.🤣😆😂🎼🎵🎶


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