Paddy Power is no stranger to winding up fans and has a history of targetting the gullible fools at Ibrox. The fools were out in force yesterday, in fact, Paddy Power could have made an hour-long documentary about fan denial when it comes to the dark shady mob from Glasgow.

Usually, after a defeat, the dust settles but the Ibrox mob are on a rage bender. They spend so much time bigging themselves up that it is a double dose of tragedy when the Famous Glasgow Celtic put them to the sword once again.

When the Celts lost at Ibrox back in December they pointed all the blame on themselves. Every player said they were not good enough and didn’t show up on the day. This week them same players vowed to put in a performance and they got a result. That is the difference, Celtic look at what they have done wrong and try to make amends while the Govan mob try to blame Scott Brown. Playing right into Celtic’s hands.


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