Vakoun Issouf Bayo finally stepped out onto the Celtic Park turf during half time in Celtic’s 4-0 win over St Mirren.

The Ivory Coast forward touched down in Scotland on Tuesday night as he gets set to begin his new adventure with Celtic. He’s officially the first player to be unveiled with use of the ‘disco lights’ with darkness falling over Celtic Park before the spotlight hit Bayo and they announced him to the crowd.

Many supporters, including ourselves, likened it to WWE Superstar Undertaker’s entrance so when someone asked if we could dub the Undertakers music over Bayo’s unveiling – we happily obliged.

The stunt itself got a mixed response with some fans asking ‘wtf was that all about’, others enjoyed the pageantry of the unveiling.

Bayo is a little bit away from being able to start for Celtic with his fitness levels and match sharpness needing to be worked on before he can be included in the squad. The striker has not played a game in over a month at this point.


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