LIVINGSTON BOSS Gary Holt has hit back at the suggestion his club’s artificial surface had anything to do with Kieran Tierney’s late call off from the Scotland team.

Tierney bowed out of International duty with the defender not willing to take any chances. The Celtic left back has been suffering from tight calves since the weekend’s game at Almondvale.

Yesterday, Scotland boss Alex McLeish suggested Tierney playing on an artificial surface along with his other Celtic call-ups resulted in them all reporting for Scotland training with tightness in their legs.

Holt is having none of it though and hit back at that suggestion.

“It’s been well documented the conversations about plastic pitches, but I was at the game and he [Tierney] played 90 minutes.” Holt told Sky Sports.

“I think he played 90 minutes on Thursday [against RB Leipzig]. I think all the other boys that played would have been stiff after the game considering the amount they have played.

“Lets be honest, I think people blame Brexit on Livi’s pitch these days. It’s an excuse that is what it is, people looking for excuses as usual.

“The boy is tight, he has played in a lot of games. maybe that is the reason for it. You cannot turn around and blame someone’s pitch, that’s just somebody making an excuse.”

Strong words from Holt who is obviously protective of his own club.

However, any proper footballing person who advocates for these pitches in a footballing sense – they have to be lying.

It might make financial sense for clubs with lower budgets but in footballing terms they are absolutely garbage and will have played some part in Celtic players feeling sore.


  1. Hole’s right. No complaining from his players. Tierney has played a lot of football lately. Players should be able to play on ALL surfaces. Celtic do train on both grass, plastic and occasonaly hybrid surfaces. And most tackles and wrong landings from jumping, will crock most players carrying injurys on all surfaces.


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