Celtic fans who are desperate to watch the Scottish Cup final at Hampden Park are facing an alarming hurdle, as third-party ticket resale sites have drastically inflated ticket prices, locking out many genuine supporters.

The most affordable tickets on these sites are being sold for a staggering £485 – 10 times the face value – with some prices soaring as high as £5,000.

Sections in the Celtic and Rangers end are available.

This situation has sparked significant frustration among fans, particularly those who have already navigated through two challenging ticket ballots under the Home Cup Ticket Scheme only to find themselves without access to the match.

The fact that many loyal supporters are being excluded by exorbitant resale prices is causing widespread consternation among the fans.

The issue underscores a broader problem with ticket scalping and resale practices that often affect high-demand events like the historic showdown between Celtic and Rangers.

Celtic simply have to try and do something to get this under control.


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