CHRIS SUTTON has admitted he has a lot of ‘admiration’ for Starfelt, the player he scrutinised almost every game and seemed desperate for the defender to fail at Celtic.

Like many of the supporters, Sutton judged Starfelt too early. Admittedly, he had a poor start to life at Celtic, but he turned things around and started putting in some top defensive performances.

It was clear that the player’s confidence was building; he started to be more adventurous, driving out of defence and playing some risky passes.

It seems Sutton has recognised Starfelt’s quality, writing in the Daily Record that he’ll be a big miss if he is sidelined for the start of the season.

Postecoglou must have spat out his pina colada when he heard the news. After a season of rotten luck on the injury front, his centre back suffering a bad on one international duty was another dose of serious misfortune.

“At least it’s June and the season is still almost two months away. But it would still be a major blow if the Swede was to miss the big kick-off and it might force Celtic to think about the transfer market.

“I’ve got a lot of admiration for Starfelt for the way he overcame adversity in Scotland.

“It was a really tough start and he took a lot of flak for some early howlers, with a lot of supporters writing him off completely.

“That was always unfair. He arrived fairly late was pitched straight in to a new look side and a defence that was trying to find its feet.

“It took him time to settle but he grew stronger as the campaign wore on. By the end of the season no one could say he wasn’t a huge part of the title winning side.

Starfelt won over the doubters and I’ll bet most of those same fans who were dismissing him last August are now hugely worried if his injury turns out to be long term.”

I think Chris is trying to rewrite history there!

It’s common for Celtic fans to make their minds up about a player far too early; we are all guilty. But, sometimes, our opinions are proven wrong. The strange agenda that some fans have against Starfelt needs to be dropped.


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