NEIL LENNON wouldn’t be drawn into criticising Willie Collums performance at Celtic Park on a night where the bhoys ran out 5-0 winners but when asked about refereeing decisions the Celtic manager was quick to point out the red card incident.

Marcel Langer lunged into Celtic Captain Scott Brown with his team already down four goals and was sent packing immediately by Collum. it was the right decision and yet another player in Scottish football trying to make a name for themselves off the back of Scott Brown.

Speaking after the game, Neil Lennon branded the challenge horrendous and said it could have done serious damage to his captain.

“The referee got the red right because that was horrendous and could have done serious damage to Scott. Thankfully he’s alright.”

It could have been out of frustration but there’s really no excuse for it and the right decision was made.

It was all good news for Celtic on Wednesday night with the bhoys managing to extend their lead at the top of the table after The Rangers bottled it at Rugby Park.

They’ve hardly kicked a ball since the winter break. How delightful.


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