CELTIC endured a horrid night in Lithuania after a fantastic start just three minutes in. The bhoys went ahead thanks to Mikey Johnston’s quick feet and Ntcham being in the right place to head it home.

Celtic were dominant and looking like they could core more but just ten minutes later, shocking defending resulted in a Suduva equaliser. After that Celtic dominated possession but looked out of ideas and frustrated fans in the process.

Although Ntcham got Celtic’s goal on the night it has to be said it’s probably the worst performance the Frenchman’s given. However, he was aided and abetted by a lacklustre side.

This did not go unnoticed by some of the Celtic support who thought it noteworthy the player was off form.

It’s no coincidence that Celtic had a shocker of a game with the player off form, so much of there play goes through Olivier these days.

It finished 1-1 on the night but they should have done much better.


  1. Possession level as expected, we have a problem with our goalkeeper, not the last line of defence to be expected, feel our defence don’t have confidence in Gordon, he should have commanded his box at their goal,but again playing against 10 men in the box, this is the norm now,Ntcham,final pass leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. Hard to believe this is the double treble team of the last two years. I fear for this season with the bomb-scare defence and lack of penetration. Why BR cannot start games with two attackers up front is beyond me.

  3. Time to give Allen and Christie a go, Forrest, Ntcham and Brown need a rest. Midfielders need to go forward and not sideways. Goalkeeper to blame for the goal, not the defence.

  4. Allan and Christie don’t talk mince, and no one needs a rest it’s only August, we’re awful just now cos the good players need 3 or 4 quality players in to help and give team a freshnrss and a lift. Team needs new faces its not rocket science.

  5. Forrest needs to do a lot more than just hog the line far too often he hides when we really need him for too long he turns up 1 in every 5 last year it was 2 in every 5 I just don’t think he is really good enough. Tonight was a game he should have torn that defence apart

  6. Celtic 17 attempts on goal, 5 on target.
    Suduva 5 attempts on goal 3 on target.
    If we cross a ball accurately, it’s an accident.
    Sideways, backwards, sideways, backwards, sideways, backwards.
    Brendan’s style of footy is good if you’ve got really good players.
    Our players are above average in Scotland and below average in Europe.
    THE most frustrating team in Europe

  7. Surely, if the Celtic defence lack passion and pride, that is Brendan Rodgers fault. It is his job to inculcate those very characteristic into every player that wears the jersey. But Brendan will not admit that. Oh no. He will blame his players and call them to question. He could say, ‘I have had private words with everyone about standards, I apologise to the fans and take responsibility’. Not his style to take it on the chin though. When he signs £24 million pounds worth of players, including £3.15million on Kouassi that could have gone to McGinn and it all looks a bit thin, he blames the board for losing out on championship players for mere pennies and Boyata for letting the team down.

    The backroom staff of John Kennedy, Kolo Toure and Chris Davies now look childishly weak compared to Gary McAllister, Jordan Milsom, Michael Beale and Tom Culshaw at Ibrox and over the course of the season, the challenge from better equipped teams could see CELTIC struggle to grab second place.

    One thing is for sure, Rangers are tough to score against and score goals. Celtic are struggling to score and weak in defence. September 2nd could bode very badly for the bhoys.

    If it does, is it time to look at Brendan’s record and say ‘Hey Ronny would have won domestically the last couple of years and Brendan still uses 6 of his players, what has Brendan really done?’.

    Lose to Rangers and the league flag might as well be handed over at full time.

    Brendan should grab his coat on the way out the door if that happens.

    Peter Houston would instil more desire in the team than Brendan has and he would guard his players and take responsibility for the bad times, as well as the good ones.

    • Let’s remember brendan thanked the board for signing him his main targets Commper, Hendry and Musonda in January, 3 complete disasters, not all blame lies with the board, brendan is great cockh but some of his signings leave a lot to be desired, and why we don’t play a back 3, 2 wing backs and 2 up top baffles me as when we do that we look different team.

      • Brilliant comment Stevie spot Rodgers to blame tae his tactics at times lot to be desired same happened at Liverpool and as for Kennedy and co he couldnae defend himself all garbage backroom staff bring Danny Mcgrain legend he would sort them all oot gordon is mince tae

  8. The woes all stem from the back line of the team, this is going on far too long and needs urgent attention .All this indecision at the rear filters through the whole team and breeds the type of schoolboy errors costing us silly preventable goals it’s time the board put this defensive situation right as of now and get our season back on course. Hail Hail


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