ROCO VATA has received some incredible praise from Darren O’Dea, working with the midfielder in the B side this season.

Vata, 16, is the son of former Celtic player Ruidi. The young man has chosen to represent Ireland and is tipped to be a future star. Darren O’Dea has reflected this saying; [Football Scotland]

“The most impressive thing about him is probably his mentality, his attitude to the game.

“We had a pre-season friendly this year that didn’t go particularly well but he’s someone that has a killer attitude that never stops, he has a fantastic ability to beat people and create chances.

“On top of that he’s someone who has a really strong mind so he’s someone who’s very young and needs to be managed well.

“But he’s going in the right direction, it’s a case of supporting him.

“I’m confident to say that if he reaches his full potential which is our goal as a staff to do that, that potential could take him to the top, to be fair.”

Celtic have a pretty stacked midfield area at the moment. Making a breakthrough soon is unlikely. However, at just 16-years-old, the player has plenty of time to develop with the B side.

This season, he has been a standout with Tommy McIntyre’s side in the Lowland League. It’s an excellent opportunity for players such as Roco, who are not ready to step into the first team, to become accustomed to Celtic’s playing style.

The B team have reflected on what Ange is doing in the first team. The inverted full-backs are in use, as are the wingers coming more centrally.

If these young players were to go out on loan, it would most likely see them play a different style of football and see their development fall behind their teammates at Celtic.


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