OSDONNE EDOUARD put in a fantastic shift for Celtic on Sunday against The Rangers and played right to the very end as the clip below shows. With Celtic winning 2-1 on the day and so many flashpoints to talk about, we totally forgot about this moment below.

Edouard absolutely rinses Conor Goldson towards the end of the game with the Ibrox club chasing Celtic for an equaliser Edouard kept with it and when Goldson thought he was going to retain possession the Frenchman did this.

Three minutes later it was all over and The Rangers players were shellshocked and enraged they had been beaten.

A French page has also put together some of Edouard’s highlights from the game from his goal and assist to key passed and generally being a nuisance.

We think Conor Goldson will be having nightmares about the Frenchman for months after this one.

Celtic’s win put them 13 points clear at the top of the table and within touching distance of another league title. Not too shabby!


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