Rob absorber has rated the Celtic and Rennes team for L’Equipe and he hasn’t been very generous.

The writer rated Edouard a 3/10, same for Ajer. Nobody got past a 6 on either side which is harsh to say the very least.

We don’t know how much football Rob watches but Edouard, while isolated at times constantly won the ball high up the field and took the pressure off Celtic. Maybe not noticeable to him but on away days in Europe in the past we’ve rarely had a striker who can help take the pressure off.

Then there was Christopher Jullien who put in another top performance for the bhoys and only managed a 6 for the L’Equipe ratings.

Have a look.

Celtic Warner a very good point in France and it could’ve been more. Not many have us a chance and we’ve surprised many. These ratings are ridiculously harsh and Rob should maybe take up rating something a bit more suited to him.

We give his ratings a 1/10.


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