GORDON STRACHAN revealed how he found out the nickname Gers fans had given him after he was none the wiser.

Speaking to the Daily Record the former Celtic and Scotland boss described how Celtic were losing at Ibrox and when he heard Gers fans chant ‘Chesney’ he sought advice from Celtic Legen Tommy Burns on the touchline.

“Tam Burns came to stand beside me and I said to him, ‘By the way, who is this Chesney they’re singing about? They’re giving him absolute pelters. I wouldn’t want to be him right now.’

“Tam put his hand over his mouth and said, ‘That’ll be you.’ I looked at him and said, ‘How the f*** is it me?’

“He told me Chesney was some wee ginger guy on Coronation Street. I thought, ‘Oh, right. Fine!'”

Chesney from Coronation Street

“I can’t say I found it funny at the time but I can’t help but laugh about it now. Maybe that’s just me because I can find something to laugh about even in the darkest moments.

“But I can still see the look on Tam’s face when he spoke out the side of his mouth and said, ‘It’s YOU.’”

Gordon Strachan struck up a strong friendship with Tommy Burns during his time at Celtic and was the manager who will be affectionately known for winning the ‘Title for Tommy’ on the last day of the season.



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