Craig Gordon – 5/10

Failed to produce the outstanding display needed to strengthen his position as the club’s number one goalkeeper. A terrific penalty stop was negated by a woeful error leading to the second goal – leaving the door ajar for Doris DeVris.

Kieran Tierney – 6/10

The youngster continues to impress; tidy in possession, physical when the situation demanded and always ready to cut out crosses. Solid if unspectacular.

Kolo Toure – 8/10

Celtic’s man of the match by a country mile. The Ivorian was a colossus at the back, holding together a nervous side that looked in imminent danger of tearing itself apart. A real leader.

Mikael Lustig – 6/10

The Swede applied himself well, always willing to put his body on the line to ensure safe progression. His usual steady, reliable self.

Saidy Janko – 2.5/10

The Swiss youngster was not roasted last night, it was a far more visceral experience, akin to a ninety minute, footballing, nuclear blast. Poor in possession, seldom found in the correct position, culpable for the second goal (in Gordon’s opinion) and to compound his woes he gave away the penalty. The spirit of Efe lives on.

Scott Brown – 5/10

Covered the ground well but lacked the intensity needed for a difficult away tie. The viciousness and controlled brutality that have characterised the skipper’s finest displays were noticeable by their absence. Stroked a couple of decent passes.

Nir Bitton – 4/10

The Israeli was overawed by his return to his homeland. His composure replaced by a lethargic weariness that hampered all those around him.

Calum MacGregor – 4/10

Almost non-existent and was surely the man needing replaced at half time. Requires a vast improvement if he is to be a permanent fixture in the Rodgers Revolution.

Scott Sinclair – 6/10

The Hoops only real means of relieving pressure. Made a few decent dribbles and ran himself into the ground chasing down lost causes. Was rewarded with a couple of decent chances, neither of which he took.

James Forrest – 4/10

Needed to run at the opposing full back far more regularly than he did to ease the mounting pressure on the creaking defence, instead he opted to turn inside and play passes into an already congested midfield. Hooked at halftime.

Leigh Griffiths – 5/10.

The lack of support left the hitman looking more like Tom Hanks in Castaway than the ruthless striker we have grown accustomed to. One tame snapshot was the best that Griffiths could muster.


Tom Rogic – 4/10

Applied himself well but was unsuited to the more workman-like role that was asked of him. Struggle without the empty space he has exploited so regularly.

Erik Sviatchenko – 5/10

A welcome return for the big Dane. Helped solidify the side just as the Beer Sheva pressure was being ratcheted up. A desperately needed injection of tranquillity.

Moussa Dembele – 5/10

The starlet was brought on in an attempt to better hold up the play in a worrisome second half, and to some extent this was achieved. A terrific, curling effort was unlucky not to nestle into the top corner.

Brendan Rodgers 6/10

It was a strange night for the gaffer; his initial selection contained few contentious decisions, however as the game progressed it was clear that changes were required. His reticence to deploy similar tactics to those that were so successful last week caused a few head-scratches, as did the usage of the 4-4-2 diamond. However, the mistakes were rectified with the switch to the back five.

As the old saying goes, the ends justify the means. Any lingering complaints at this point feel a little churlish. All that can be done at this point, both on the pitch and in the dugout, is learn from the mistakes made in the Israeli Desert and go into the Champions League with a positive mindset.


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  1. Janko.Bitton…have to go…When we have a more Settled team of Brendan’s then Forrest shouldn’t be a First choice for s Celtic Side…meanwhile let’s stop the serial whinging and enjoy the next few months.One point to all my fellow Celtic Supporters…Let’s stay away from Phone_ins.etc…There are enough people in that business who hate us and our club so why hand them a loaded gun to kill us…

    • I would not worry too much about that Yogi, a lot fewer callers get on now as Gerry McCulloch is talking far too much, from that dreadful head banging “music”, right through the show, it is garbage now. Maybe because they have no competition any more. How I wish Jim Delahunt could come back.

  2. It was one of those nights and the team showed a resilience. However, the Goalkeeper is a disaster. OK he makes some great saves, but many of these are camera saves and could be dealt with much more efficiently, like old man Simpson used to do so well. Also, it is unforgivable of him to publicly deflect the blame for the second goal on to Janko. They were BOTH to blame, but Gordon more so in my opinion. He was slow to react, but got the bloody ball in his hands and then allowed it to drop out. His time is up and I would let him go rather than be a 4th choice. DeVries, Bailly and Fasan are all better options. Six goals have gone past him in the last 3 games and he has not covered himself in glory.

    I agree with Yogi above, Janko (can’t defend) and Bitton (too nonchalant) have to go and McGregor is a squad player who blows hot and cold. We have a much better squad now, but there are still some who need shifted to other clubs. However, I am sure Brendan is on the case and we will see some changes this weekend.

  3. I agree with the Bitton comments ( How do you get cramp when you haven’t even raised a sweat ? ) but I think that people are too quick to criticise Janko. He’s only 20 and very inexperienced at that level. I thought that Toure needed to guide him more , rather than yell at him.He showed a marked improvement when Sviatchenko came on and told him where he wanted him to be. Celtic fans shouldn’t get sucked in by the media and create another Effie. Make him the subject of ridicule and you destroy the boy’s confidence and possibly his career……which is exactly what the media want you to do. Cut the kid a bit of slack !

  4. You need to go and research the UEFA statistics on the match and you will find that your ratings are so biased.

    The youngster continues to impress; tidy in possession, physical when the situation demanded and always ready to cut out crosses. Solid if unspectacular.
    Tierney was 54% in possession, the lowest in the team for starting players. In other words, every other pass he gave back to Hapoel.
    Bitton was 82% in possession with the highest amount of ball touches (33) on the team.
    Janko was 74% in possession just for your information.


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