What makes a player iconic at a football club? What is it they do that forces fans in the stands to sings songs about them? Why do Celtic fans not fall over themselves for James Forrest?

James is an academy graduate who will go into his tenth season with the first team next year. That alone is an incredible achievement. His first few seasons were hampered by injuries, in fact, it has only been the last couple of seasons that the winger has enjoyed a break from long term injuries. His stats for the past two seasons are remarkable in any league. This season, Forrest is on fire.

How much would you need to spend on a player in today’s market for 16 goals and 20 assists? Whatever the figure is it is probably outside of Celtic’s budget. So why do fans not rave about Forrest the way they do about other Celts? It seems the only time he gets a mention is when he has a bad game. Capped 28 times for his country the player scored the winner in last weeks Glasgow derby but nine million pound Edouard gets all the plaudits.

Tierney and McGregor quite rightly get the plaudits and songs from the stands, why is wee James not part of the action? Is it to do with his personality? He keeps himself to himself and doesn’t use any social media whatsoever, maybe it suits him to be the quiet man.


  1. Would say some of the player’s around him can’t be up to support him at times as we the fans know where he is heading yet there those that prefer to fuck about 40 yards out with sideways passing and as bad back passing to our keeper when in attacks

  2. I always sing Jameses praises, he may be forgotten now and then. He’s a mainstay in all my squads when fit. That’s most of the season. If he’s so mediocre why do other teams send scouts to see him when he plays. Both for Celtic and his homeland.


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