CELTIC FANS have been weighing into the Dedryk Boyata debate since Brendan Rodgers admitted the player will rejoin first team training on Monday and will have the chance to apologise to his teammates.

If the Belgian does so then Rodgers is willing to forgive him BUT are the Celtic fans?

Here is just a sample of what Celtic fans are thinking and it’s not as black and white as you would think.



  1. It’s a sad day when the likes of Boyata is our best defender.
    Celtic should have grabbed the Fulham offer with both hands.
    Where is Biton?I’m sure he could do a better job than the rest of the dross.

  2. If br wants to reintegrate the lad then it is up to him, I firmly believe his agent is totally behind this, this muppet has previous, and Boyata his having his head turned, wants to get a grip of himself, if he does not play, who will buy him !!!!!!!but if he does play ,he needs to show what he can do, it is the least we can expect from him, the ball is in your court son .

  3. His head was turned with the mighty Belgians, Played three easyGAMES, DONE fCK ALL TO nOTE, Then dropped for another bombscare , in Brendan We trust, got that PRICK A CAP, Who else have they got in Central Def, Wake up to The MONEY THAT HIS iNTERNATIONAL pals were Spouting, get him tooFUCK, hUNT HIM , Stien Would, jsxx,

  4. What is BR seeing in Boyata that nobody else sees? At best he is an OK centre half, but usually a liability. Does anyone remember Pierre Van Hojydonk and what he did and how that ended. Punt Boyata, get the money and buy someone from the Highland league who will want to be in Paradise and will be grateful for the honour…Hail Hail..

  5. I think all of the managerial geniuses on here may want to consider that if we don’t play Boyatta he’s definitely away for nothing.
    Play him against Suduva and hope he has a stormer then hopefully punt him. He is like most football players as thick as shit. Had he played against AEK (and if he had then I’m sure we’d have gone through) then he was potentially in an even bigger shop window as a CL player.
    BTW. So when did we start doubting Brendan’s judgement? Problem is that just like the players, a large percentage of Celtic supporters (sic) are thick as shit. HH

  6. They way I see it if ye refuse to play ye shouldn’t get paid like what would happen to every other person in this planet its a complete discrase at what he’s done me for one he can come back however hell still get boo’d everytime he touches the ball

  7. He only giving numpty boyata another chance which he shouldn’t be anywhere near the cellic team also they only getting him.back cos they won’t buy anybody mean fuckers the board tight as a ducks arse they are why don’t they go for a free agent in Claudio Jacob he is argentinian very experienced player.also why isn’t he checking oot Craig Dawson tae.also Danny Simpson fae Leicester he good tae

  8. Patrick – agreed that we should try and get some money back. His agent is a shit stirrer and Boyata backs that agent 100%….Boyata’s time with us is done and his final contribution should be a transfer fee.

  9. Brendan Rodgers job is to win games. You lot can’t have it all ways! First you bitch and moan ay Hendry and Ajer saying how bad they are, then you say you don’t want our only recognized central defender to play in Europe!
    It’s too late to sign anyone, too dangerous to draft in an untried player and this is a must win tie. What would you suggest? Forfeit?

    • Agree,is Biton injured?and in training now,!!!no matter what has happened in the last two weeks or so we need to utilise all our players,it is very important that we are in Europe ,so wish these ‘experts’ would stop winging and show support!!!!

  10. It’s not too late to sign.anyone ya Muppets we have 2 weeks to sign defenders ffs this has been goin on for 2 long noo tae Hendry is a liability he has cost us far too many goals he will cost us more lustig is another he too slow.we know it’s Rodgers jib to win matches it won’t be that if we was to get beat by the gers tae u be moaning then eh didn’t u know bitoninjured he been out for ages wi an injury we do show support but there is only so much u can support Hendry was never good enough to play for cellic either neither is simuvic compper should never have been signed when I read he was injury prone at Rb leipzig

  11. Who is calling the shots here? Realistically we want to make some dough if we sell Boyata. However for me Brendan isn’t calling the shots. He’s being made to look foolish by his masters. If he accepts this then I’m surprised and disappointed. Boyata should never kick another ball in the Hoops. We must look/be desperate to qualify for Europa League. We’re sentencing ourselves to further demands on our depleted squad, Thursday night football and Sunday league matches. Not the best way to maintain our focus on Ten in a Row. Time to review our priorities. HH


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