After Scott Brown told the story about his chance meeting with Hugh Keevins on international break over ten years ago we threw it back to Shug on social media who gave us this reply on Friday night.

The story was around Broony not being happy with the constant jibes from Hugh on the radio and in the paper during his first season at Celtic.

The Celtic midfielder did reveal he’d been going through a tough time with his sister’s illness and Tommy Burns battle when the pundit was caught like a rabbit in headlights by Broony’s wrath’s

You can check the full story here.

Scott Brown has always got a rough deal in the media for the way he conducts himself on the pitch. He’s a born winner and a wind up merchant when he gets going.

He didn’t take too kindly to Hugh’s comments at the time and according to Hugh he only threatened him with Dermot Desmond and didn’t fall through.


  1. Shug the Mug, i’ll tell ma mammy on you Broony!!! Away ya muppet Keevins. Your a wee sly rat with a keyboard. No guts to be a real man and face up for what you said. Away a light up a fag and dream of being a real man, instead of the runt of the sports media. Muppet!


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