THE RANGERS were BATTERED today, absolutely 100% outplayed, out though and outsung by a raucous Celtic Park crowd intent on having a party.

While Celtic did their lap of honour after making it seven in a row, the press were trying to get a word with Ibrox staff but were bluntly told there would be NO representatives from the club coming out to speak to them.

They must have run out of that dignity they’re always chirping on about.

To not put anybody up to speak after a game not only shows your class but it shows your level as a club.

The Rangers fans should be appauled, as one rightly pointed out on social media, they now have to go face the music in work tomorrow with all their Celtic colleagues.

They might get a pass though because I feel a few sickies coming on.



  1. Doctors surgerys will be fool of the support acts fans (and players) tomorrow.
    Wae the Gleasga derby flu.

    Dignity, do they know what that means. …… Or do they think its a bin mans boat. HWGFADT.

  2. Worst thing the huns ever did was starting up again as a new club, they should have called it a day, you can only cheat so many times before people stop believing you, the huns are an embarrassment to Scottish football and should die quietly, they do not command any respect from any other teams who play in Scotland, in fact they have become the joke that no one finds funny, if gerrard takes up the mantle of manager at ibroke he may as well kiss his career in management goodbye


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