Humza Yousaf has hit back at any suggestion of legal action against them after the Ibrox club said they were beginning legal proceedings against certain people after a video of inside Ibrox emerged.

The video in question of the Rangers team has been deemed not to be criminal by Police Scotland. At the time, Humza made it clear it was absolutely correct to investigate the video and its contents.

We are waiting to hear from Police Scotland on their findings other than there was ‘no criminality’. That can mean a lot of things and not the widely spread idea the video was dubbed over.

Humza has come in for horrible abuse for stating the video should have been investigated.

This itself has been used as deflection by the Rangers support in a bid to shake off the disgusting and horrendous images and scenes we witnessed in Glasgow last weekend.

They have taken no responsibility for their own fans and Humza quite rightly called out Douglass Ross and his cronies for not condemning the actions of the Ibrox support but instead piping up a week later to demand an apology from him on behalf of the same unruly support.

It’s politics at its worst, not wanting to offend your core voters regardless of their actions.

We are delighted Humza is doubling down on his stance that the ANTI CATHOLIC bile that spills freely from the mouths of the people who are now trying to play the victim can not stand.

Speaking to the BBC, the SNP man hit the nail on the head.

“I don’t think anybody can accuse me of taking a side. I was pretty clear, having been asked about that view on a number of occasions, that if – and I stressed it very clearly – that IF that video was genuine then action should be taken.

“Not only did I stress that, I said Police should establish the facts. You are on the BBC asking me these questions – it was your BBC colleagues who asked me to comment on that video.”

“I don’t blame Rangers Football Club and in fact, believe it or not, have a very constructive relationship with Rangers Football Club.

“What we saw last weekend on the streets of Glasgow was the most disgraceful and shameful display of anti-Catholic bigotry and anti-Irish racism I’ve ever seen.“If it had been anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic or against black people there would have been universal condemnation

“We saw anti-Catholic hatred, anti-Irish bigotry and not a syllable of condemnation, for example, from the Conservatives whereas there would have been universal condemnation if it had just about any other community.

“I’m not here to defend so-called fans who took part in that kind of behaviour. Let’s not deflect away from what we say on May 15th which was simply unacceptable.”


  1. What a load of crap, all talk and no action as usual from the establishment. There is hours and hours of video tape and pictures of anti Catholic and criminal behaviour, another blue wash and swept under the carpet coming.

  2. Get in Edward Gerald Hastings. ‘Fer fecks sake and all that’s holy, are yae blind fella, tae see what’s goin on. Mary, Joseph and their wee mans donkey can see it why can’t yae..…… Now don’t get me started wae corrupt officers of the law, I will go out of my way to endite the shite that are guilty. And as fer politicians, hell is full of the corrupting bastards. I wish they would all join the Sfa or the referees commision’. So I could jail the whole lot of them in one swoop.’


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