IF there was any more proof needed that Glasgow is 100% green and white the Hydro lighting up the Glasgow sky with their green lights as Celtic Fan Kevin Bridges entertains audiences there is pretty conclusive.

The Comedian and massive Celtic fan Kevin Bridges is taking part in his latest tour which has seen him fill the Hydro for two weeks straight.

A fantastic achievement for a lad who has achieved a lot since being snapped at Ibrox holding a ‘F*** the Rangers’ scarf’ back in the day.

We’re sure Kevin won’t mind the colour change at the Hydro for the last few dates of his tour in Glasgow before moving on to other cities.

The Hydro is going green in support of renewable energy during ‘Green GB Week’.

It’s nice when a plan comes together.

On one of his previous tours, Kevin did make mention of the Ibrox club’s demise – talking about how many creditors they left in the lurch.

‘They owed 40 quid to a face painter’ the comedian explained.

‘They’re in massive financial trouble and someone on the Ibrox board is cutting about with tiger face paint pretending to be one’.

The show has been receiving rave reviews and if you haven’t got a ticket by now you’re not getting in.



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