The Norwegian press are the latest to fall victim to Ange’s ‘mate’ treatment, but he didn’t stop there.

Postecoglou stood on the touchline as he watched Bodo/Glimt dismantle his side. The boss had decided to field a weakened side, showing fans his thoughts were on the game on Sunday.

When asked about Thursday night’s opponents’ chances of winning the competition, Postecoglou nearly lost it. As quoted by the Daily Record, Ange snarled;

“Mate, come on. Ask their coach. Why do I care? Really. Do you think I really care who wins this tournament now? We’re not going to win it.

“They’re a good team, I hope they keep going well, but I couldn’t care less who wins the tournament.”

Two goals down, the tie wasn’t over. However, Postecoglou knew that there was a good chance Bodo would increase their advantage, and he used this to decide that Hibs were the most important of the two opponents and that he should field his strongest side for that match.

His choice will split the fan base, but the manager knows better at the end of the day. He is the sole reason for Celtic’s progression this season.

Celtic are out of Europe; their attention will now turn to domestic trophies.


  1. I can say that i am not too bothered about being turfed out of this competition, Glimt will take some beating though and i wouldn’t be surprised to see them at the tail end of the competition.

    Delighted that Sevco have another two fixtures in the EL and two Sunday catch-up matches to play.. . .. this is going to turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Sevco keeping the co-efficiency ticking along for Celtic to join the CL group stages next season! Couldn’t make it up!

  2. I agree with that mate and good point about Sevco keeping co-efficient up. Although I don’t want it to be them, its time someone else added to it ! Also was glad to see a weakened team tonight. Good management.

  3. Look mate what is wrong Celtic do not have a in depth squad of like for like so when players lose form most of our cover players can not get game time and some who do get game time look well below par that is the real story players come in and out of form.what we need to do is get 8 players off the wage bill and bring in 4 or 5 better players that will fight to get game time,we are a new team and we have won a cup already replace dead wood players and we will become a force with a team ready to play 11 from our top 22 like for like players and that will keep a well-oiled machine playing at top of there game all season…

  4. So what happens if we dont win the title?

    The 2 defeats to Bodo and the manner of them have been an embarrassment to Celtic.

    We may be a new team but same old failings in European football.

    Too many squad players just not good enough to put out a side like that last night Ange MATE.

    And far too many of our fans are willing to accept failure.

  5. its not accepting failure that is the problem. Its the acceptance of a year-on-year run down of our playing staff quality, with little or no protest, that has led to poor standard in Europe. Ange has come in and 6 months later we are rebuilding sufficiently to have won the first cup and against the odds, challenging for the league. Win or lose it, the telling factor will be how we develop in the summer market. I certainly think that Ange has, on more than one occasion, put teams on the park with second level players in order to prove his squad is weak. I hope I am right, but time will tell.


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