SOUTHEND chairman Ron Martin has lifted the lid on the real story behind Henrik Larsson’s failed move to become Southend Manager and how the Celtic legend was left fuming by Tommy Johnson’s last-minute change of heart.

Martin explained everything was in place and wages had been agreed before former Celtic striker Tommy Johnson pulled the rug out from under both Henrik and Johan Mjallby who was slated to be Larsson’s number two.

The chairman said he tried to keep Johnson on board and asked about the financial situation surrounding a move elsewhere as talent spotter. However, his mind was made up but Henrik then told Ron he could no longer work with Johnson even if he did have another change of heart.

“All the contracts were agreed and he was Henrik’s man.” Martin told TalkSport as cited by SunSport.

“When he pulled out I think you could have knocked Henrik over with a feather.

“He (Larsson) and I get on really well and he is a pretty cool customer but he was absolutely fuming when he got a call from Tommy.

“The rest is history. We did talk about who else could replace Tommy but he didn’t have anybody else in mind.

“It just took the wind out of his sails and it disappointed us all.”

“I then spoke to Henrik, and he said, ‘I couldn’t work with him’.

“I get that and that supports everything I think about Henrik, he is a principled guy and he didn’t want to work with a person who had just let him down.”




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