TOMMY WRIGHT has come out in defence of his coaching staff after Dundee insinuated it was the St Johnstone dugouts celebrations that got Neil McCann’s blood boiling.

The St Johnstone boss who managed a 4-0 win over Dundee at the weekend watched on as Neil McCann completely lost the plot – going after the St Johnstone kit man.

The Dundee manager was squaring up to anyone who in the vicinity with the pressure clearly getting to him.


Tommy Wright refuted the claims that any of his staff had anything to do with McCann’s outburst and if they can’t celebrate victory we should just close the doors on our game.

Tommy makes a great point.

A lot of the post-match antics by McCann hasn’t received the coverage you would expect to see if it was the likes of Neil Lennon making the noise.

We thought we would give some time to it today, considering McCann has been quick to criticise people in the past for losing the place.


  1. Neil McCann has a huge ego .
    Small men sometimes seem to have a complex .
    McCann is a souper and has to live with that and obviously he does not have the temperament to be on a Football field with real Managers

  2. Sitting in front of the cameras, McCann was so knowledgeable, about what teams should do. When Neil Lennon lost the plot, big mouth McCann would chuck in his biased opinion. Well Neil the boot is on the other foot. Your attitude is no example to younger players, after your antics, who would want to play for a tit like you. Away back and pretend you know something about the game. We, for sure know plenty about you, waster.

  3. Mc Cann for sevcos next manager. I”m sure they would love a ex player, who’s scored against Celtic at Paradise. Can’t see any reason why not. He’s a shoe in. Naw wait a minute, the Oinion bares, might have a protest march but he has my vote.

  4. The most embarrassing thing will be that when he gets sacked and goes back to his old job, then how the feck is he gonna sit there and criticise other managers tactics and formations when he was feckin clueless himself, what a total and utter pr1ck.


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