CHRIS SUTTON was in no mood to entertain Robbie Savage on Saturday during the Live BT Afternoon results show.

Savage and Sutton regularly butt heads when it comes to certain things and Sutton usually gets the better of the former Premier league midfielder – especially when it comes to Scottish Football questions.

Savage knows very little about Scottish Football but he tries to make comment on our game quite a lot. Sutton found his latest question so stupid he refused to answer it.

During the Live TV show, Savage asked Sutton what was the bigger job as reported in The Express “What’s bigger, managing Celtic or Rangers, or Scotland?”

Sutton just shook his head and replied: “Come on Robbie. It’s a stupid question, I’m not answering,”

“It’s irrelevant, as most of your questions are.”

“He’s got so much to say but he won’t answer the question,” Savage exclaimed.

“What was the question?” Sutton responded to which Savage said again: “Celtic or Scotland?”

Sutton was not for playing games and replied “They are different jobs. I don’t answer stupid questions.”

It’s clear what Sutton actually thinks.

Both Celtic and Scotland need a new full time manager and I think you’ll find that most managers looking for a new job would jump at one job before the other.

Sutton has been an advocate of Neil Lennon getting the full time gig at Celtic Park to take Celtic to ten-in-a-row but there seems to be no end in sight for the speculation at the minute.


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