CHRIS SUTTON is finding it hard to understand why Brendan Rodgers refuses to play the guys the Irishman has signed after another lacklustre performance against Dundee.

Using his column in the Daily Record, Sutton is still baffled as to why Musonda isn’t getting game time when Celtic are screaming out for creativity and that little bit of a spark.

‘Musonda is a talented youngster but he’s in Scotland to play games, not sit watching from the sidelines.

‘Celtic were crying out for creativity against Dundee the other night and yet he and Patrick Roberts were twiddling their thumbs.

‘I don’t get it.

‘Rodgers has been an undoubted success at Celtic and you can’t be too critical.

‘He won’t say it publicly but he must know his side have not been up to the required level too often in this campaign.’



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