CHRIS SUTTON has questioned Brendan Rodgers use of Charly Musonda since coming in.

The former Celtic striker spoke out after seeing Musonda be an unused subsitute against Aberdeen at the weekend.

Charly Musonda was the big marquee signing, they spent big wages on him and for Brendan to discard him after just a few games, I don’t get it. It’s big business for Celtic and I think there’s a lot of fans scratching their heads.”

Chris may have jumped the gun on this one. Rodgers has Charly for another full season and will want to bed him into the side of a period of time. With fixtures coming thick and fast and the player not being able to get quite up to speed yet is why the manager will be protecting Charly.

There is no need to rush and put undue pressure on the bhoy if he is finding the transition difficult at the moment. To put him out to be criticised by the masses if he isn’t up to speed would be worse for his development.


  1. never fails to suprise me how many people think they know better than our manager brendan , think that mr sutton is getting a little bit ahead of himself and his own importance, think that as the post says brendan is bedding charlie in slow but sure , and quite understanderly . brendan is always not 1 jump ahead but loads on his agenda for our progress , so please mr sutton yes you are entitled to your opinion , but step outside and look in at times

  2. Mr Sutton is way off the mark here. Opinions are just that, nothing more.
    He, nor any other pundit, does not have the insight of the management team.

  3. Far too much expectation heaped upon the lad…he’s young and developing……put into the team too quickly…….and the high rate of injuries and side rotation may cost us this season….next OF game will tell us all…

  4. Musonda has to fit in to the way we play. Just because he played for Chelsea (now and again) doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a success in Scotland (Flo)
    He’s obviously a talent and will show that in time.


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