ANGE POSTECOGLOU addressed the odd moment during the Aberdeen vs Celtic tie where an Aberdeen supporter was allowed to walk onto the pitch to get a picture with Celtic star Joe Hart.

The Dons supporter walked ran on and off the pitch without being hassled by stewards which was even more bizarre.

Speaking after the game on Wednesday night, Ange joked the fan must have some sort of all-access pass nobody else was privy to.

The Celtic manager put it down to over exuberance on the Aberdeen fan’s part BUT warned it’s always concerning when things like this happen.

Speaking to RecordSport Ange said: “I think we all were baffled.

“It was like he had a free pass because he just wandered off and got back to his seat.

“Fair play to him he’s obviously got some special pass that allows him to do that!

“I don’t like that because I always fear that you just don’t know what’s coming.

“You don’t want players to react to that or get involved. At the end of the day, it was harmless enough, overexuberance.

“We were all a bit baffled by his entry and exit. He’s obviously got some all-access pass that none of us have!

“It was a cracking atmosphere, really good. It was great for our players to face that, some of them for the first time.

“That sort of helps you keep growing as a team and how you react to that.

“Resilience has been a big part of our way of doing things, we obviously want to be a team who dominates the game and scores goals.

“But at times over the last three or four months, we have had to dig in.

“We had to do that again today, we’ve had two tough away games since the derby and we’ve taken six points from them.”

Celtic have been on a fantastic run of form in 2022. The bhoys have hit the top of the table when they closed off 2021 six points behind The Rangers.

We’re playing so good, opposition fans want pictures with our players – apparently.

Ange and his bhoys now march on to Sunday where they have Raith Rovers at home in the Scottish Cup. Raith has already been sent packing by Celtic from the League Cup this season. Fingers crossed it’s two for two.




  1. Does everybody love Oor Gi Joe♥️? Fuc& beware of further selfishies wae Joe at the death Star.
    The hun may want a brown child!!!!!!!


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