NEIL LENNON says he had his reasons for leaving Celtic the first time around but now he’s found himself in the hot seat again he never wants to leave.

The Celtic boss talks about the atmosphere during the Lazio game and bringing back the thunder we saw the first time around in Europe with the Irishman.

For all Brendan Rodgers’ domestic success, he struggled in Europe as he tried to go toe to toe with teams with much better talent.

Neil Lennon has the Celtic players boxing clever and winning important games. With two games to go in the group, the Hoops are already qualified.

“I had my reasons for leaving at that time. Lennon told SunSport.“I don’t regret it because it was the right thing for me to do at the time.

“But I wanted to bring those big European nights back to Celtic Park.

“The Lazio win was the perfect storm for a European game at Celtic Park. The game matched the atmosphere, the occasion, the performance and the result.

“We got a taste of it against Cluj at home, but Lazio was even better and I want more of it. Once you get a taste, you want the players and the fans to get more nights like that because we all enjoy it.

“It makes me never want to leave again.”

There will come a time when he will have to leave again but we hope it’s with the Monaco’s of the man who put us over the line for ten in a row. He started the run and could get us to the landmark trophy haul.


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