STUART ARMSTRONG has been a standout this season after a slow start.

The player has put in some match winning performances and really turned it up a notch under Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers. Since breaking into the team Stuart hasn’t looked back.

He is now about to enter the last year of his contract with the club which has raised a few heads down south. The dynamic midfielder won’t be short of options come next summer if he doesn’t sign a deal, that’s why it’s of the utmost importance that Celtic get his future sorted fast in a bid to stave off interest from the English Premier League.

Once upon a time, fan-favourite Joe Ledley was entering the last 6 months of his contract. With many fans hoping a deal would be done to keep the Welshman at the club, Celtic opted to accept a bid from Crystal Palace to make some money from Joe. Letting him leave in the summer for nothing wasn’t an option at the time. Joe has since spoken about the transfer and how he was surprised when Celtic accepted the bid while they were still negotiating a contract.

While there are different circumstances at the moment, if talks stall between the two sides I fear a midnight backdoor exit for the 25-year-old if he and the club can’t come to terms.

With people fretting over Dembele and Sinclair leaving this summer, we cannot take our eye off the ball in regards to Armstrong who looks to be a major player in Rodgers side going forward.

I trust that the club has this in hand but I do grow uneasy the more contract talks rumble on because, in football, anything can happen.


  1. I agree but lets be rational and fair to the club here.Armstrong has lots of time to decide his future whether with us or elsewhere. This indecision tells me he is stringing us along and remember better players than him have pulled this stunt before and regretted it.

  2. I think he will sing in this coming week up to cup final just to get the buzz going more stronger Stuart Armstrong is celtic thro and thro he love it see the way he celebrate his goal against the Aberdeen it’s there for all to see he’s a celtic man he God the celtic bug hail hail Stuart Armstrong.

  3. I think he will sign again ,if he doesn’t wouldn’t be losing too much sleep over him sure he has had a brilliant season but it’s clear we need better in midfield and I’m confident we Will be strengthening that area this summer on top of eboue’s arrival might explain why he is reluctant to sign

  4. Would rather get money for him now than let him walk for free this time next year. Other option is keep him for the Qualifiers next season then decide on how well we do, either sell or keep till Jan when he only has months to go on his contract & we will get pennies for him..
    Although we are doing well financially anything over £5m is still a lot of money for us & it will be accepted by the higher powers unless they see contract talks are moving forward. At end of the day Brendan will accept this as he’ll have money to replace the player, compared to next season replacing him without the money (which we can’t afford to do).. Maybe a compromise can be found in which he maybe signs a 2 year contract, that way he can play for us for another season then move to EPL at a relatively young age, up until the arrival of Brendan i think his mind was made up to move to EPL this summer.

  5. From what I’m hearing from friends of his family members in Nairn he wants to leave so don’t think he will be signing new contract but hope he does stay but if not he needs to be sold


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