CELTIC FANS must prepare for their new manager to be unveiled this week if everything goes to plan.

That’s the word from journalist Andy Maher who has told SEN he has it on good authority Ange Postecoglou’s final game in Japan will be on Wednesday before the Australian sharply flies out to Glasgow to sign his Celtic deal.

The 55-year-old has been the only serious candidate since the Eddie howe debacle came to an embarrassing conclusion and he’s now expected to put pen to paper.

Maher also claims former Ibrox player Kevin Muscat could be set to join as his assistant. The journalist hedged his bets a little on the incoming Muscat but he appears to be in the conversation.

‘I have it on very good authority that Ange Postecoglou will coach his team (Yokohama F. Marinos) on Wednesday night in the Emperor’s Cup against Honda and that will be last time that he coaches in Japan.

“I am told reliably that he will be on a plane that night via Athens heading to Glasgow and will be announced as the Celtic coach thereafter upon arrival.

“That is what I’m being reliably informed. Further to that, there is a very good chance, so I’m informed, that Kevin Muscat might be his second-in-command. We may wake up to that news on Thursday morning.”

There will be mixed reviews if Muscat comes into the club. There will be many supporters who didn’t see the player for the Ibrox club. There will be guys like me who remember Muscat’s playing career in a less favourable light – branded a thug on many occasions.

Ultimately, we can’t moan at a manager bringing in his own staff when we’ve been screaming out for exactly that for months.

It’s the juxtaposition in the matter of weeks when we expected Howe and his team to be on the touchline but now there’s the potential for muscat to be in the Celtic dugout. Football is a funny old game.


  1. There have been players who have gone from one side of the old firm to the other in the past. Don’t care. If Muscat becomes a coach for Celtic then he is a Celtic coach. Doesn’t matter a jot to me. If he does his job that is it. That is what he is paid to do. People need to take their tinted green spectacles off. Now instead of moaning lets get behind the new manager. His job, whoever it is, is a massive one and so will need all supporters behind him. Especially with such a dithering, tight-fisted incompetent board


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