SCOTT BROWN has given a very poignant interview ahead of today’s Scottish Cup Final at Hampden.

The Celtic captain got nostalgic and let his guard down somewhat when it came to talking about Celtic legends of the past and where he sees himself.

The midfielder openly admits he came to Celtic not expecting to love the club like he has. After winning silverware at Hibs early in his career the former Easter Road player thought it couldn’t get any better than that.

He never came in claiming to be anything he wasn’t and there was a genuine time when he could have been playing for a certain defunct Ibrox side. However, he chose Celtic to come and win trophies and since then he has become as much a part of the place as the trophies have.

Speaking about the likes Paul McStay and Billy McNeill, the potential treble treble winning captain did not want to be compared to either man.

“I am nowhere near those players. I am just a wee, daft guy from Fife. They were top-quality players. I am playing in a top-quality team.” he told SunSport.

“Paul carried his team for years and years.

“Billy was fantastic for what he did for the club. He was an ambassador and won the European Cup in a fantastic team. I’ve been in a lucky position and I do feel fortunate.

“Paul went through hard times at Celtic and that’s what makes him a hero.

“He stayed and fought. He was a fantastic player and most would have jumped ship at the time.

“But he didn’t run away. He stayed because he has a love for Celtic.

“I have that love for Celtic too and I never thought I would have after starting out at Hibs.

“Back then, I wasn’t a Celtic fan but I became part of the family.

“Growing up, I just thought that one day I would love to be a footballer. It didn’t matter who for.

“But I signed for Celtic and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

“I have grown up here and I have a close bond with a lot of people I have worked for.

“I can pick up the phone to any player or manager I’ve worked with here. I never really fell out with that many.”


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