You don’t get many people who will tell you they had some regret signing for Celtic but it appears that former defender Steven Pressley has regrets about his move to the club under Gordon Strachan.

The player who ended up joining former Hearts star, Paul Hartley at Celtic Park after the pair stood up to the Hearts chairman Vladimir Romanov at the time wishes he had given the move more thought because it has made him ‘unemployable’ in Glasgow.

“I had a great two years as a player at Celtic but if I could turn back the clock, maybe it wasn’t the best move for me” Pressley told the Daily Record.

“Before only half the city didn’t like me but after I joined Celtic, I suppose it made me unemployable where both clubs are concerned.

“I was only looking at it through the eyes of a player who just wanted to win trophies.

“But there’s a bit of a stigma there.”

Pressley was speaking ahead of today’s Celtic versus Hearts semi-final.

The defender is mostly known for his nine years at Tynecastle other than anything else and it seems to be a bit of an overdramatic statement to claim he’s ‘unemployable’ in the West of Scotland.

During his time at Celtic, he did ok but it was nothing to write home about, he came in with little fanfare and left with little fanfare.



  1. Nothing more than anti Celtic propaganda in the build up to the semi. He’s merely one of the flops who contributed little if anything while wearing the Hoops. Not worth time or ink. Bad enough that there Hun moles against us in the Scottish game and media without us validating their efforts.

  2. I thought the lad was quite bright, but this is an enormously stupid statement to make, if he indeed made it. Why would he not be employable in Glasgow? There is no logic here. Paul Hartley has no fears about this. Maybe it has got something to do with another club and their fans altogether.

  3. “Quite bright”? Wtf! Have I transported into a parallel universe? One where Bush get a Nobel peace prize, Derek Johnstone has a self procured opinion and Steven Presley is “quite bright”. Get this straight ‘sheep’, Presley was bought so Strachan could let us know who was boss! The same arrogance got him the sack! Presley was a bad defender who was used sparingly and never in big matches if it could be helped. Him like Caldwell, are empty vessels! They spoke a lot and delivered little. Wake-up!

  4. Elvis was full of his own bull. Average player who came, went, and did very little in between. I suggest Elvis, you avoid telling people you made a mistake, as you might be told we made a mistake too. Now pop off to wherever you came and play being a big shot, which as you know you are NOT!


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